Job Description

At Mikaels Labs our aim is to help our employees enhance the products of our clients with the latest and best practices of the industry. These include countless positions for making their products smarter and more productive. We want you to be able to be proficient in working across some of these technologies and be super-excited to learn the rest when the opportunity presents.

Our challenges

We're looking for senior developers and supporting units for our Pakistan office in Karachi who will help us grow the development team while making sure that we lead from the front in the technology space.

Cultural Fit:

At Mikaels, our vision is to provide optimum work experience to all our employees, where they are provided with the flexibility, autonomy and opportunity to take ownership. We believe in growing together like a family. Here is what we are looking for in our employees:

  • Self-driven and actively seeks opportunities to learn and grow (Proactive)
  • Open to flexibility
  • Believes in 'work hard, play harder'
  • Team oriented and approachable
  • Humble with a positive mindset
  • Initiator

Your role

We try to match individuals to their skills and preferences. Right now we are looking for a Senior Wordpress Developer with 3+ years of experience. The individual will analyze and test software during development in order to ensure quality.

The individual would be interacting with international teams and would be working alongside other developers. Main responsibilities would include:

  • 3+ years of experience in Wordpress
  • Very strong grasp of OOP
  • Experience with Hybrid Core
  • Fluent with Composer
  • Knowledge of the latest Woocommerce features
  • Plugins usage, architecture, and development
  • Custom API Integrations
  • Background jobs
  • Action scheduler
  • Wordpress performance optimization
  • DB performance optimization
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with SQL
  • WebComponents (LitElement/Polymer)

Plus points:

  • Developer with GitHub public repos and contribution would be a big plus to see commit quality and discipline.
  • Knowledge of Inertia.js